POLL: Colorful Houston Attorney Ready for Political Arena

The current election season isn't over yet, and there is already buzz about next year's mayoral race in Houston. 

High profile trial attorney Tony Buzbee says he will challenge incumbent Sylvester Turner in 2019...

"I would say our current leadership on the Council and the mayorship is below average for an above average city.  And we can do better."

Buzbee tells our TV partner KPRC Channel-2 he'll spend five-million dollars of his own money to finance his run for office, and he won't accept campaign donations.  He also said he would donate the mayor's $235,000 annual salary to a random registered voter. 

Turner appeared to shrug off the challenge:

"I don't even know who he is (laughs)"

But Buzbee says he may have the last laugh on Election Day...

"He stood right over there on my step and I raised money for him here... One thing I'm clear on, he's gonna know who I am very soon."

Political analysts aren't laughing either.  Dr. Mark Jones at Rice University says a Buzbee challenge should not be taken lightly:

"Sylvester Turner should be at least a little nervous; because if Tony Buzbee is all-in to be mayor, Sylvester Turner has a race on his hands."

Buzbee made his fortune as a personal injury attorney, but has had his share of highly visible clients.  He successfully defended former Texas Governor Rick Perry against abuse of power claims.  He's also on the Texas A&M Board of Regents, and led last year's charge to fire head football coach Kevin Sumlin.

Buzbee - a Marine veteran who served in the First Gulf War - also made local headlines when he parked a WWII-era Sherman tank in front of his River Oaks mansion, angering the homeowners association.  He later had it moved to his ranch near Texarkana.  

When Buzbee's tank was still in River Oaks, Shara Fryer wrote about it in "There goes the neighborhood."

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