Troops In San Antonio Before Deploying For "Operation Faithful Patriot"

(San Antonio, TX)  --  Several hundred soldiers are in San Antonio ahead of their deployment to the Texas-Mexico border.  The troops began arriving Monday night and are being staged at Joint Base San Antonio before heading south.  

They're the first wave of 52-hundred troops who are helping with "Operation Faithful Patriot."   It's President Trump's effort to secure the border as a caravan of Central American migrants approach.

Federal Government Sends Southern Border Barbed Wire 

The federal government is sending southern Texas miles and miles of razor wire.  The wire is supposed to be another line of defense against the caravan of Central American migrants that are slowly making their way to the U.S.  

The government is also sending thousands of troops to secure the border.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection will determine whether to put the wire on the ground or on barricades.

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