POLL: Libs Blame Trump for Package Bombs, Synagogue Shooting; Do You?

President Donald Trump continues to be blamed for inciting hate across the country.  Whether it's the package bomber from Florida or the deranged synagogue shooter in Pittsburgh -- the mainstream media loves to blame with the president.

CNN and MSNBC argue recent events coincide with "hateful speech"by the president himself and Fox News.  Others believe this has been bubbling since the 2000 presidential election.

“There was a movie about assassinating George W. Bush, it came out during the Bush administration,” says Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center.  “When Bush left office there were six million Google hits for either 'Bush is Hitler' or 'Bush is a Nazi.'”

Gainor says liberals such as California Democrat Maxine Waters are more responsible than anyone.

“We're going to harass you in airports.  We're going to harass you in the halls of Congress.  We're going to harass on the street.  We're going to even harass you in your homes,” he says.  “Sooner or later, if you turn up the heat enough on the American republic, we're all cooked.”

“Occupy Wall Street, there were 7,700 arrests including three who went to prison for planning a terror attack on a bridge.  Then you see the riots from Ferguson, from Oakland, from Baltimore.  The attacks on police and congressmen.”

Even the rabbi who welcomed Trump, is now getting hate mail.

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