What if only men or only women voted next week?

There are all kinds of projections about next week’s midterms, but nothing compares to the research one projection site did.

Researchers with fivethirtyeight crunched the numbers by demographic. For instance, what would we see if only men voted in next week's midterms?

“It would be overwhelmingly Republican with some major cities remaining blue,” SMU political scientist Cal Jillson told KTRH News.

Jillson told KTRH the numbers looked quite different when the researchers looked at an electorate that included women only. So why are men voting like this?

“They think of themselves as independent, and that is closer to a Republican message,” Jillson stated.

The research also showed that if only nonwhites voted Democrats would control the House of Representatives by a whopping 388 to 47 margin.

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