Pentagon: 5,000 troops headed to the border to stop migrant caravan

Monday, the Pentagon announced they will deploy 5,000 U.S. troops to the U.S. Mexico border.

Originally, 800 active-duty troops were set to stand at the border according to the initial plan. That is thousands more than originally planned by the Department of Homeland Security and President Trump, after calling the approaching caravan of migrants a "national emergency."

Pentagon's spokesperson Capt. Bill Speaks said this added number of troops is part of a developing plan. In April of this year, 2,100 National Guard were sent to assist Border Patrol.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Sunday “We are preparing what we call ‘defense support for civilian authorities,'” adding “If you look at how we organize for the storms… We surround the storm.”

Before he ever became President, Donald Trump and now the Trump administration has raised concerns about thousands of migrants flocking to the United States. Now, in recent weeks, fleeing violence Central America, moving north through southern Mexico in the run to the border during this short time leading up to the midterm elections next month.

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