Barley Growers Dispute Climate Report on Beer

A recent climate report claims global warming threatens the world's barley supply and could cause beer prices to spike.  Now U.S. barley growers are disputing these claims.

Some of these malt companies are holding over 18 months to two years supply of barley that they have not been able to use because crops have been so good and so heavy that rejections have been minuscule,”says Dwight Little, president of the National Barley Growers Association.

Little calls the report a scare tactic to push the global warming agenda.

“Even if we had a 20 percent reduction in next year's crop, it wouldn't make any difference,” he says.  “We still have too much barley out in storage right now.”

Even if warming does come, Little insists growers will adapt.

Enjoy your brew,” he says.  “And don't worry about having one tomorrow.”

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