Who benefits from the Trump rally?

Now that the rally at Toyota Center with President Trump is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a look at who benefited from his trip to Houston.

And the analysts say it's the Republicans; more specifically Ted Cruz. Ross Ramsey with the Texas Tribune told KTRH the Cruz campaign would not have brought Trump here without know for certain their candidate would benefit.

“It depends on who you bring in. They thought Trump was a positive. And in most of the polling I have seen Trump is really popular with Texas Republicans,” Ramsey explained.

Political consultant Bill Miller says the Trump visit was timed perfectly to coincide with the start of early voting, helping Republicans close any enthusiasm gap that exists with Democrats.

“It’s become so popular and prevalent that the enthusiasm takes hold. It’s a benefit that will be sustained,” Miller said.

Miller also told KTRH News that the Kavanaugh hearings and the migrant caravan will also help Republicans motivate their base. That may be showing up in some early voting numbers. Harris County says they had more in person voters yesterday than they did on the first day of Early Voting, which was Monday.

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