(FULL VIDEO) Thousands come to Toyota Center Trump rally

The Trump train made its way to Houston as the President came to rally for Texas Senator Ted Cruz at Toyota Center.

“Send a message to the radical Democrats. Don’t Mess with Texas,” Trump said.

There were thousands inside Toyota center, and thousands outside watching as well. The President made the case for re-electing Cruz.

“Democrats would rather destroy American communities than defend America’s borders. We are not going to let that happen,” Trump explained.

Cruz made the case for himself too, talking about working with Trump after campaigning at each other's throats.

“I’m proud to have worked hand in hand with President Trump to pass the biggest tax cut in a generation,” Cruz told the crowd.

Trump would also give his attention to issues like the caravan trying to make its way to the US illegally through Mexico as we speak.

“The Democratic Party is openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overwhelm our nation,” he said.

That prompted the crows to chant, “Build that wall.” Even those that weren't able to get in to Toyota Center were happy to be a part of this.

“We knew we wouldn’t get in. The fact they have television monitors out here is just amazing,” one man told our television partner Channel 2.

Political analyst Jacquie Baly told KTRH that Houston hasn't seen anything like this, well, maybe ever.

“The excitement; the energy level was something we haven’t seen in Houston in quite some time,” she explained.

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