PHOTO: Road Rage Leads To Deadly 3-Vehicle Crash On I-45 North Freeway

Road rage may have led to a deadly 3-vehicle crash overnight. 

Authorities day it happened near the North Freeway around 2:30am. Police say that's when a car and van heading west on Airline Drive, BOTH ran the red light and crashed into another van going north on the feeder road. 

Police believe the folks who ran the red light may have been involved in a road rage dispute at the time leading up to red-light run and crash.

The person in the van, not involved in the suspected road rage dispute, died on scene.  

Police say, from the vehicles involved in the suspected road rage incident, four in the car and two in the first white van that ran the light, were taken to a local hospital.

The intersection where the collision occurred, will remain closed several hours, possibly affecting the morning commute.

Red Light Getty RF

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