Critics of Alamo Plan Vow to Fight

Plans to redesign Alamo Plaza are moving forward, but opponents vow to fight to the bitter end, starting with next month's election.

Former Texas land commissioner Jerry Patterson has openly criticized his successor George P. Bush's plan, especially relocating the cenotaph.

“City Council approved the plan.  The Land Office has approved the plan. However, any of that could change,” says Patterson.  “There's also a yet to be signed leased agreement between the Land Office and City of San Antonio for the property that was part of the Alamo that is not state-owned.”

The fight over the Alamo's future has some Republicans, including Patterson, backing Bush's Democratic challenger next month.

“The bottom line is he (Bush) is mismanaging the Alamo.  He is failing to lead and failing to communicate.  So, people then fill that vacuum of no information with incorrect information.”

Patterson says Democrat Miguel Suazo promises to keep Alamo Plaza as it stands today.

“His position on the Alamo is the same as the Republican Party of Texas platform, that the cenotaph should not move and that we should remember instead of re-imagine the Alamo.”

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