You Phone Is Already Outdated, The iPhone XR Is Here

Today is the day that Apple begins pre-orders for the more affordable iPhone XR. 

The XR has the same software and chip as the new XS and XS Max, but has minor differences in camera, display, memory, and frame. 

An interesting fact is that the XR has a bigger battery than the XS, and the cool thing is that it comes in different colors like blue, coral, black, red, white, and yellow. 

The price tag for the phone is $749 for the 64 GB, $799 for the 128 GB, and $899 for the 256 GB. The phone will be ready to ship next Friday. 

Do you think you're going to pick up the iPhone XR? Is this a more affordable phone that you wouldn't mind picking up for your kids? Do you like the way Apple releases so many different versions of their iPhone? 

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