PODCAST/MUGSHOT: Officer Busted In Chinatown Gambling Ring

Harris County District Attorney's Office and Houston Police revealed details about a huge game room bust as part of a 2 year investigation in Chinatown. 

The investigation involved HPD's Vice Unit and the District Attorney's Special Crimes Division.

They monitored illegal activity going on at Quan Yin in Chinatown, located at 10804 Bellaire Boulevard, where they found a local officer involved. 

The location had secret rooms where gamblers bet cash playing machines.  Officer Thomas Lam, 42, a prolific gambler, was a patrol officer with HPD since 2007. He acted as operations bouncer, and would wear his uniform when at the establishment. 

Harris County District Attorney, Kim Ogg said "unfortunately, in this case, the officer decided who could and could not get through the door and join in the gambling and receive the proceeds." From her perspective, "Lam was a prolific gambler, and gambled his career away."

Lam was arrested Thursday. 

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo says the "officers are a disgrace to the badge. A disgrace to the uniform," and "are dropping them from the payroll and throwing them out of the force as soon as possible."

Four others gang members were also arrested for operating the cafe's hidden game rooms. All are charged with first-degree money laundering. 

The 2 year investigation has resulted in 41 arrests. Three involving HPD officers and the seizure of $2.4M.

Thus far, Lam is charged with money laundering and illegal gambling. More charges are possible pending further investigation. 

Hear the entire statement recorded late Friday morning:

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