VIDEO: Hill Country Now Disaster Zone After Flooding, Rescues In Texas

Gov. Abbott Issues Disaster Declaration

Governor Greg Abbott is issuing a disaster declaration after a deadly amount of rain pounded the state.  The declaration is in effect for 18 counties where heavy flooding caused extensive damage.  The counties include Llano, Kerr, McMullen and La Salle.  The governor is authorizing "the use of all available resources of state government and of political subdivisions to aid in response efforts."

Texas Flood Rescues

Residents in central and south Texas are on high alert as flood waters threaten their homes.  Fireman Corey Bauman says he rescued 20-year-old Jackie Anderson from her car after she got trapped on her way to work. 

First responders have made at least two-dozen rescues due to cresting rivers spilling into roads.  A school bus driver and a middle school student were also caught and had to be rescued.  

Authorities says the bus got trapped because the driver went around a barricade.  The driver was arrested and charged with child endangerment.  Texas officials are warning residents to stay home and keep off the roads.

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