Trump Wants Drug Commercials on TV to Show Prices for Patients

Drug manufacturers may have to start disclosing the price of their product in their television commercials after a push by the Trump administration.

The new regulation says that any drug over the price of $35 needs to show a price at the end of its commercial.

Alex Azar, Trump's Health and Human Services Secretary, says, "We will not wait for an industry, with so many conflicting and perverse incentives, to reform itself."

Critics of the new rule include the CEO of a large drug trade group Stephen Ubl who says, "Putting list prices in isolation in the advertisements themselves would be misleading or confusing."

How do you feel about this new Trump administration rule? How can drug prices become more affordable? How can drug ads on TV become more transparent?

As you'll see in the video, all but the price of Harvoni is mentions. Among most expensive drugs in America is Harvoni, at $94K for a 12-week prescription.

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