Some marriages are just as unstable as the market

A survey finds that being rich may increase your odds of divorce and found money is the main source of stress in a marriage.

Divorce attorney Jim Mueller agreed that financial disputes still seem to be the number one excuse for marriages breaking up.

He said as divorce rates tend to go up during a strong economy.

“Just as much as their relationship and marriage might be an up a hill a rocky kind of a ride, they will also watch the economy seeing it be a rocky ride and there’s so much turmoil going on that people are afraid of ‘well, what’s going to happen if we see another 2008?’,” said Mueller.

He said some see a good economy as the time to jump ship...when they know they can get a lot of money out of the estate.

“Oil and gas is kind of back up on the rise, investments are doing really well, we’re hitting good points in the market, so a lot of people are trying to take the money and run,” said Mueller.

This year's tax code changes could be the financial incentive to call it quits before the end of the year.

The correlation between a couples credit scores did surprise him. Federal Reserve Board research found the greater the mismatch between a couple's credit scores, the more likely they are to separate within the first five years.

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