Anti-Trump media bias climbs to over 90%

We know the mainstream media doesn’t like President Trump, and the lengths they are going to in order to trash him are getting ridiculous.

Forget about hearing any of the good economic news when you turn on the network news at night. Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center tells KTRH their research shows if it's positive about Trump, it doesn't see the light of day on the air.

“It’s now up to 92% negative. It’s astonishing. Almost everything that they covered is 90% negative,” Gainor said.

Over the summer the networks spent just 14 minutes talking about the economy. Gainor says you are starting to realize the media and Democratic Party are partners.

“It’s now the battle of online media. The press and the left realizes they need to control the narrative, and they are not succeeding because of the online world,” Gainor explained.

And he also says that the post-Kavanaugh bump in the polls Republicans are getting is more proof you realize exactly what is going on.

Hannity Media Trump Return Fire

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