WATCH: Dad Calls 9-1-1 To Report "Dead As A Doornail" Baby

A chilling audio recording was played in court Wednesday revealing that father Seth Welch contacted his lawyer before calling 911 about his "dead as a doornail" baby. (That audio starts at 2:45 in the video above.)

"The skeletal-like posture of the child, in my opinion, speaks volumes, for how long the baby was not cared for properly," said Judge Sara Smolenski.

The parents say the 10-month-old Mary was ill, but they chose not to get any medical help based on religious reasons.

The couple had previously been reported to Child Protective Services after having a spat with a doctor in regards to the health of the older daughter.

An investigator commented on Welch saying, "During the interviews I conducted...he has never expressed or shown any emotion regarding Mary's care or ultimate demise."

How do you feel about parents refusing medical attention for their children based on religious beliefs? Should Child Protective Services be involved in these situations?

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