VIDEO: Two Men Learn The First Rule of Gun Safety When Pointing Gun At Head

Shara Fryer here... 

Every gun is loaded. That is the first rule of gun safety….because it follows that a loaded gun in the hand pointing it…can kill. So consider every gun loaded and if you point, it better be with intent to defend.

It’s the first thing I learned from my dad and the first rule I learned while shooting at Top Gun Range here in Houston. They drill that into those responsible gun enthusiasts getting their CHL licenses.

So take a look at where we’ve posted the learning moment from the folks over at Top Gun….who swiftly intervened on the idiots pointing guns at each other…to take selfies….on the firing range. Guns focused on faces, heads…..lunancy. They are now banned from Top Gun forever… as they should be. This is just another example of Houston Strong….Top Gun doing it right.

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