Companies are passing on Obamacare Costs to Employee

Deadline Approaches To Signup For Health Insurance Under Affordable Care Act

As you re-enroll in your company's health care plan this month, you can thank Obamacare for higher insurance costs. But experts say your employer probably isn't just sticking it to you.

Health care expert Seth Denson says someone's got to pay for the high cost of Obamacare.

"The employers are shelling out, in some cases, on average, 15 to 20% more per year."

Denson says about all we can do is become better health care consumers.

"Until we, as Americans, start to become better consumers when we're accessing the health care market; ask better questions and go to lower cost providers."

Denson says we're all paying more for health care costs and it’s putting a squeeze on employers in a tight labor market. He says increasing health bennies is the smart way to go for many employers.

"The benefit is actually more in favor of the employer to apply it to health care, versus the paycheck; you're not doing things like FICA and Social Security matching those dollars, you're getting the added tax deduction as an employer if you're providing health care."

The Kaiser Family Foundation says the average family premium rose five percent this year to just under 20-grand. Individual premiums rose three percent to just under seven grand.

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