As go Truck Orders, so goes the Economy

Since just about everything is delivered by truck, a 92% jump in semi-truck orders in September is another good sign for the economy.

Norita Taylor is with the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association.

"It's always been a good time when trucking picks up; that is a precursor to the rest of the economy picking up as well."

Taylor says manufacturing and homebuilding are up.

"Organizations and companies are anticipating needing to move those supplies and they're ordering more trucks."

Big rig orders hit 42,300 in September -- way up from September of last year.

But Taylor says while there are plenty of trucks there's a 98% turnover rate for drivers.

"What's really happening is that they're just churning out drivers over and over and they need to raise pay and benefits if they want to keep anybody."

Taylor says there is no shortage of drivers. Manufacturers say they have heavy backlogs and can't get enough trucks.

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