VIDEO: Banksy reveals how he installed shredder on $1M Red Balloon painting

An official at a London auction house says they just got "Banksy-ed."  

One of the mysterious British artist's best-known works was up for auction at Sotheby's on Friday.  As the gavel came down on a final price of more than one-point-three million dollars "Girl with Balloon" began to shred before everyone's eyes.  There was a shredder inside the frame of the photo and it appears the artist was watching and triggered the shredder as the gavel fell for the final time.  

Bansky posted a photo on Instagram the scene with the caption, "Going, Going, Gone."  

Banksy rose to fame as a graffiti artist.  His work is now very valuable.  The auction house did not immediately answer questions about what happens to the painting next and if it's new owner will still have to pay for the painting.

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