12-Year-Old Houston Child Hero Shot Protecting Siblings

A Houston girl is being commended for saving her siblings during a shooting at her apartment Friday evening.

Police are searching for the gunman responsible. 

It was just before 8:30 in the 8400 block of Hammerly Boulevard in northwest Houston when a man with a gun came knocking on her door. 

Police say the gunman was looking the girl's mom's roommate. The girl's mom nor the roommate weren't home at the time.  The man the gunman was looking was at a nearby laundromat. The girl's mom was at the store.

The girl sensed danger and refused to open the door. Instead, she quickly took action, scurrying her four young siblings into another room, all ranging in age from four to 10. 

While she saving her siblings, the gunman shouted for the roommate and started shooting directly at the apartment. 

Police say the gunman left the scene in a red vehicle.

The 12-year-old girl was shot in the stomach. She was talking and responsive when EMS arrived to transport her to Texas Children's Hospital where she underwent surgery in critical condition. 

Police say one of the children's grandmother is looking after them as police investigate.

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