We’ll Pay More for Toilet Paper – But Cooking Supplies, Naaah

Toilet Paper

There is an interesting psychology at play when we go shopping that determines what we are willing to pay more for and where we are looking to pinch pennies.

“I think people are willing to spend more on things that are more intimate to them. We’ll spend more for our bed, our favorite toilet paper brands, toothpaste, and our beloved smart phones,” says shopping expert Trae Bodge. A study of 2,000 American shoppers by Slickdeals finds toilet paper, shoes, toothpaste and coffee top the list of what we’re willing to pay more for. We’ll also ignore price for laptops, computers, mobile devices, beds, couches and makeup.

We draw the line on products where brand loyalty plays a lesser role. “Snacks, or cheese, or spaghetti sauce…things that could be pretty similar from brand to brand, things like junk food and snacks that are less important to us in terms of quality,” says Bodge.

The list of items we’re looking for savings on include paper towels, some clothing, bread, produce, chips, cooking supplies, and phone chargers. Things that go down the drain, like hand and dish soap or shampoo, we’ll get at discount prices without reservation.

The survey found the one item most commonly regarded as over-priced is concert tickets. The most expensive concert tickets in 2018 are for the Eagles, which average $228 each. By the way, if you’re one of those who splurges on toilet paper, a recent ranking puts Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care at the top, just ahead of Quilted Northern Ultra Plush.

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