It’s not just Central and South American’s flooding into the U.S.

Trump Vows To Build Border Wall Between Mexico And The U.S.

It's not just Central and South Americans coming to the US illegally. The feds reportedly arrested roughly 9,000 illegal immigrants from India crossing the US/Mexico border from India. This is nearly triple the number arrested during the previous year.

Roughly 4,000 crossed through a three-mile section of fenced border near Mexicali in Southern California.

“Now, we have an international forum of individuals coming in through the Mexican border that is really concerning to those of us that train law enforcement officers,” said Tarleton State University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Executive Director Dr. Alex Del Carmen.

He said they're not as concerned with ethnicity or race, but that organized crime groups are bringing people in to commit crimes.

“Our concern is that we will have individuals come in that are highly trained that bring weapons into the United States illegally and that are going to injure Americans on American soil,” said Del Carmen.

He said another concern is terrorists who will infiltrate the US southern border.

Del Carmen said we need to know our border vulnerabilities:

·         special issues—gaps along the border

·         lack of technology

·         lack of human and artificial intelligence--people in other countries who know when crimes are planned against Americans.

Del Carmen said illegals might have some false psychological opinion that it's easier to cross over now, before a wall gets built.

The illegals from India reportedly paid human smugglers between $25,000 and $50,000 to get into the U.S. The smugglers bond the illegals out of detention by human trafficking rings. The illegals pay off those smuggling fees and bonds in various ways.

At least one Indian migrant is believed to have died after illegally crossing the border from Mexico into Texas Wednesday.

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