VIDEO: Austin outlaws throwing out food

Austin officials have now made it illegal to throw out uneaten food. The new options include either donating it to a farm or compost it, thanks to a new ordinance that requires them to comply with the same no landfill policy. That goes for grocers, bars and farmer's markets too. If they don't, businesses could face up to a $2,000 fine each day. 

Of course THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS host Ken Webster Jr. sounded off on the topic.... 

Keep Austin Weird (& stupid).

Austin, Texas: the beacon of white liberalism in the Lone Star State. What Austin lacks in ethnic minorities, moderates and middle class taxpayers, they make up for with really ridiculous laws and rules.

Plastic bag bans? Government officials going after Uber? Naked guys riding unicycles? You'll find them all in Austin.

Austin has plenty of bizarre rules (see below) to accompany their bizarre people, but they insist on having more of both.

Starting next week, restaurants in Austin will no longer be allowed to "throw away food".

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