To open or not to open business on Thanksgiving?

Holiday shopping is around the corner, but 60 businesses have already decided to close their doors come Thanksgiving. Some of those include Costco, IKEA, Dillards and Home Depot, but expect the big boys such as Walmart, Target, Macy's and Kohl's to be open sometime on November 22. 

In 2017, Shoppertrak found foot traffic shopping in stores was down for Thanksgiving. George Keleman, President and  CEO of Texas Retailers Association, says businesses will look online to ring up sales.

Keleman says, "What you’re seeing is a lot of the companies that are doing this typically have a pretty robust online prescience. They know that they can make up or have just as good of a day selling online than if they had their stores open. You know if they feel pretty confident they can essentially replicate that traffic on their website and sales generated through their website then it’s a win-win for them as well as for their employees."

A recent poll by found almost half of Americans believe the Thanksgiving holiday should be closed for business.

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Four Reasons to Start Your Holiday Shopping Now

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