POLL: It Takes More than Money to be Well Off

Are you 'well off'?

Most people define the term as having around four-thousand dollars in a checking account and 57-thousand in savings, but how people see themselves depends a lot on how old you are.

It's more than money. 39% of people say they are well off, and mike brown with "Comet" -  the company that did the survey - says financially, millennials are probably the most well off.  A happy life and a good job is enough for some people to be satisfied, but brown found age matters....

"The Millennials seem to have the best perception of themselves at 42%, the Gen-Xers were at 29%, and the Baby Boomers were at 34%."

Comet finds the number one thing that makes someone feel well off is being able to pay all the bills, and close behind is being debt free.

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