Texas alum fed up with what’s happening in Austin

The liberal bent on college campuses is something you have heard about for years. It’s something that has always bothered conservatives. It’s something that is finally causing some of those conservatives to fight back.

Mark Pulliam is a retired lawyer who moved back to Austin six years ago, saw what was going on at UT, and decided that since his letters and emails weren’t getting results, he would start a page on Facebook.

It’s called ‘Stop the Insanity at UT,’ and Pulliam tells KTRH he has more than 300 followers already sharing their experiences, and that he’s hoping to reach a thousand followers.

“I started paying attention to what was going on at UT. It was disturbing that the school was taking on the qualities of all liberal universities and then some,” Pulliam explained.

So what kind of examples is he pointing out?

“We are seeing an elevation of the university’s commitment to social justice. It has infiltrated every academic department,” Pulliam said, adding that the drive for diversity at the expense of qualified candidates is also something that he takes issue with.

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