My Opinion about Judge Kavanaugh

In what used to be considered the hallowed halls of Congress, a horror show was performed for the people of America and the world. I say performed because it was well-orchestrated…. to give every modicum of dignity, compassion and platform to the accuser… while genderism, politics, and organized groups of activists and money have aligned to deny dignity and rule of law to the accused.

As for the horror...I thought I was witnessing the Salem witch trials. An emotional, but uncorroborated, accusation that Democrats tried to turn into a burning-at-the-stake of a political foe.

That something bad happened to Christine Ford? I believe. That Brett Kavanaugh was the perp? NO!

I believe the women who have known Brett Kavanaugh through his entire life. I believe the honest anguish shown and attested to....of his mother, wife, daughters, professors, contemporaries, students, law clerks, law school, college and high school friends....females...who know and vouch for his character. I believe the sworn statements of witnesses, named by the accuser, who denied what she claims.

In the end....we have two victims here...each tarnished by the acts of a political party and those individuals who seek to destroy a decent man's entire life and family, and on the larger scale, every American's right to fairness . A ranking Democrat labels Judge Kavanaugh "evil". NO. Evil, as you've just shown, is the deliberate torture and destruction of another human being in your own quest and use of power.

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