Halloween costume no-no’s in the workplace

Halloween Costume Sexy

Every year, new issues can create problems in the workplace as to what's appropriate and what’s not if Halloween costumes are allowed.

Labor and Employment attorney David Barron said to stay away from costumes that deal with politics, religion or anything sexual.

"Typically we want to stay away from things that get into what we call protective classes. So, costumes that raise racial issues, national origin issues, religious issues; those are things that could give rise potentially to a discrimination or harassment complaint," said Barron.

He says women should never wear a sexy version of anything to work.

If Halloween costumes are allowed in the workplace, employees should stay away from costumes that are religious (nun, rabbi or priest); political (posing as Trump); or sexual (hooker or anything sexy).

Barron cautions these costumes not only can they alter behavior when worn, but cause discomfort and contention among coworkers with differing attitudes. 

"There's been instances where people wear blackface or dress up as a Mexican, you know, those types of things just aren't appropriate for the workplace," said Barron.

He says employees should give tips and common sense guidelines to keep employees from creating a problem at work.

"If you wouldn't talk about it around the table with your relatives to avoid a fight at Thanksgiving dinner, maybe it shouldn't be the basis for a Halloween costume at work," said Barron.

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