GOP Favorability is the Highest in Seven Year

According to the latest Gallup Poll 45 percent of Americans view the Republican Party in a favorable light. That’s the highest approval rating in seven years. Texas political consultant Bill Miller said that’s surprising considering all the animosity in the air but the economy is a tell-tail sign of approval.

“The economy’s always been sort of the barometer of popularity in our country. If it’s doing well, the people that are in charge benefit. If it’s not, they suffer from it. They’re hand in glove—one goes up, they both go up,” said Miller.

Miller said this indicates people approve of what’s going on with Congress and the Presidency under Republican leadership.

“The truth is that, that underscores people like what’s going on. They like having more money. The economy’s booming, and that’s a positive for the GOP,” said Miller.

This is a welcome sign for the GOP as we head into the election.

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