PHOTOS: A NASA satellite photo has found the Mars Rover

Here’s your Opportunity. A NASA satellite photo has found the Mars Rover after we lost communication with it some 100 days ago. The big Martian dust storm necessitated putting Opportunity into a sort of hibernation mode….preserving its solar-powered battery life. Dust storms do block those needed Sun rays.

So now the team knows the rover is still there….they are more or less pinging it regularly each day…..listening to see if it goes through its wake up cycle to communicate and ultimately start rebuilding its battery juices again. Opportunity is about the size of a golf cart, a 6 footed robot that land on the Red Planet in 2004. We’ve learned a lot from that Red rover. Let’s hope it does reawaken. There’s a window for this….if nothing is heard by the New Year ….. well…. Opportunity is not lost…but “no more”.

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