New love birds get comfortable and getting love handles

A new survey finds three out of four Americans in a relationship percent) are carrying around a bit of “love weight,”

A study finds the average person gained 36 pounds since they’ve first started dating their current partner — 17 pounds of which were gained in the first year alone.

Men were also much more likely to report a weight gain during the first year of a relationship than women.

“Men gain weight the first year and women really try to stay trim because they don’t want to lose their lover, they’re kind of afraid if they gain weight he’ll have a roving eye,” said relationship expert Donna Arp Weitzman.

The study finds “love weight” happens because:

·         more dining out when starting a new relationship.

·         more ordering takeout or cooking at home while drinking together

·         being comfortable in your relationship/not feeling the pressure to look your best all the time

1.       On average, the comfort zone in a relationship starts to occur after one year and five months.

2.       People 18-24 reached the comfortable phase of their relationships at just over ten months.

3.       Those aged 45-54 took nearly a year and a half before they felt comfortable.

“Where 45 to 54, it takes us longer, and also the competition is a little stiffer. We women try to stay at our best fighting weight,” said Arp Weitzman.

·         Getting married

1.       Men surveyed put on nearly twice as much weight as women during the first year of their marriage

2.       Five years into the marriage is when the most weight is gained

·         starting a family

People who exercise and eat healthy with their partner are:

·         more likely to lose weight

·         nearly twice as likely to say they’re consistently happy in their relationship than those who don’t.

Arp Weitzman said we should still watch our diet...a little bit.

Looking for a mate is a big weight loss motivator, especially for men.

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