Geneticists say our Caveman DNA is our Enemy when it comes to working out

A new study suggests if you make it to the couch, you're not going to work out.

UT Health Cardiologist Dr. John Higgins says conserving energy was necessary for hunter-gatherers, so we rested as often as we could.

"Think of the couch as a reward and before you get your reward you have to work out."

Dr. Higgins says you can make your Netflix marathons healthier with a workout device.

"Why not get a stationary bike or even a treadmill machine, put it in front of the television and you've got to do a little bit of activity if you're going to enjoy the reward."

Dr. Higgins suggests you could really spice things up by walking or riding a bicycle to work, rather than driving. But it doesn't have to be a back-breaking amount of work.

"A study just came out showing even two minutes of exercise a couple of times a day is better than nothing, so every little bit counts."

Dr. Higgins says public policy could help, too. He says laws could require parking farther from buildings or more cities could follow Houston's example and allow ride sharing bicycles.

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