Some Think Their Boss is Out of Touch, Uninformed and Overpaid

The boss may have the corner office with a good view, but do they have talent? Ability? Competence?

Apparently, among many workers, the answers are…probably not.

Perkbox surveyed 2,000 employers and found one-third believe their boss to be oblivious to their workplace travails.  41% says their boss wouldn’t be able to do their job. (Which is the basis of a CBS TV show called “Undercover Boss”).  More than a third think the head-dude-in-charge is overpaid.

Sugar Land corporate culture expert Joshua M. Evans thinks bosses would be well-served by getting out from behind their desks more often.  “I think there is a perception many times in business that managers are removed from the fray.  They’re not fighting those day to day battles that their employees do.  And there can be some animosity there,” he tells NewsRadio 740 KTRH.

One in five say their boss lacks empathy.  One in four say their boss doesn’t care about their happiness or well-being.

“The best way for a manager to be part of the team and not just some removed dignitary in a corner office is for them to get out among the people who work for them,” says Evans.

Those workers would also like to be shown some love.  More than half say a gift card would improve their motivation, and 42% would appreciate a voucher or discount.

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