Iowa Whiskey

Iowa Whiskey

Did you see the English lady….she has lived through 26 prime ministers and 2 World Wars and now the eldest person in her country at 112.

And to what does she owe her longevity….drinking a wee dram of whisky every night. Single malt scotch is her choice. She started the nightcap when she turned 50. And the doctor tells her, don’t stop now. Admittedly, since hearing of her, I’ve found myself indulging in a “bit” of single malt more regularly. Uh huh. This could be leading to a new friendship…..

I’m linking you to a photo of “Amazing Grace” Jones and to an event in Houston this weekend….Whiskies of the World sounds like the ticket, since one of my favorites wins gold. Now if I just knew how to pronounce it. Is it Glen- morange- ee or Glen-more-anghee? Let me know

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