Owner of Day Care in Mesquite, TX jailed for drugging babies, tying them up

Police say 60-year-old Rebecca Anderson is a state-licensed care giver who ran a home daycare in Mesquite TX for more than 20 years.  Now she's in jail after a parent's discovery.

The father of a six-month-old boy attached a small camera to the child's car seat last Thursday, and reportedly caught Anderson handling the child roughly and giving him an injection.  His child wasn't the only one victimized by Anderson.

People in the neighborhood reported hearing screaming from what sounded like children.

Police say she's also caught on hidden camera jerking a baby from a seat by an ankle, then feeding the child in her care, something from a syringe.

When police searched the home, they found evidence that Anderson strapped children to car seats for more than seven hours and drugged them to keep them quiet.

An arrest warrant affidavit accuses Anderson of what she later confessed to. She confessed to drugging the children to put them to sleep, often sedating them with Tylenol. She told police she would leave them in their car seat, tethered in dark rooms for enough hours for a full night's sleep. 

Anderson is also accused of muscling a 6-month old baby's bib from around the neck, tying laces around the baby's neck to restrict range-of-motion, and doled acetaminophen to shush them. 

She told Mesquite Police it was all to make her job easier. 

Sunday night, Dallas County jailed Anderson on nine counts of child endangerment. Her bonds total $45,000. 

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