Natural Gas Driving New Investment in Port Houston

The availability of low-cost natural gas is spurring more investment along the Port Houston, which continues to be a major player in the global economy.

That's the message coming from this week's annual Gulf Coast Industry Forum at the Pasadena Convention Center.

“Simply put, it's the number one exporting port. It's the number one energy port in the country. It's the busiest port in the industry as far as vessel movement,” says Chad Burke, president and CEO of the Economic Alliance Houston Port Region.

Burke says an abundance of low-cost natural gas has made North America the location of choice for manufacturing plastics and other petrochemical products.

“There's a real repositioning of production capability that's coming to the Gulf Coast, and the largest portion of that happens here in Houston because of the infrastructure that we already have, and have had for the last 100 years,” says Burke.

Port Houston accounts for one million jobs across Texas, generating $178 billion in statewide economic impact.

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