Police: Texas Daycare Owner Kept Kids Drugged, Tied to Car Seats in Closet

Texas Daycare Owner Allegedly Strapped Kids in Car Seats and Kept Them in a Dark Closet

Authorities in Texas say a day-care owner who allegedly medicated small children and strapped them to car seats while restricting their movements using shoelaces tied around their necks did so to "make her job easier."

The family of a child who attended the Mesquite daycare run by Rebecca Anderson, 60, became suspicious and attached a hidden camera to their son's car seat. Police say the video shows a boy being yanked out of his car seat, fed an unknown substance from a syringe, and was even picked up by a bib around his neck. 

The family shared the video with police the very next day. 

Anderson operated the "Becky's Home Child Care" service until late last week when Mesquite police executed a search warrant at the daycare. Police say when they raided the daycare last Friday, Anderson initially told them that were were only five children currently in her care at the time. However, police discovered at least nine children, with three children being held in dark rooms tied to car seats with "shoe-like ligatures" meant to limit the children's movement. 

The arrest affidavit also said all nine children were found with the "shoe-like ligatures" around their necks. 

According to the arrest warrant, Anderson denied giving the children any medication until she was confronted by the video recorded by the parents showing her with the syringe. Anderson then said she'd "likely given Tylenol to all of the children... to make them stop crying and to make her job easier." 

Anderson has been charged with nine counts of child endangerment and one count of injury to a child.

Authorities said all of the children found at the daycare were evaluated at Children's Hospital in Dallas. The Department of Family and Protective Services is investigating the incident. 

Photo: Dallas County Jail

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