Guard fatally shoots would-be robber in SW Houston Whataburger

It was business as usual at a southwest Houston Whataburger until a man walks in with a gun and started shooting at folks inside the restaurant. 

It was around 1a.m. Saturday morning at the Whataburger in the 76-hundred block of West Bellfort when a man walked in and opened fire. 

We are following breaking news in southwest Houston, where a security guard shot and killed a man attempting to rob a Whataburger wearing a white bandana.

About 10 customers were inside a the time. One was paying for his order when the man with a gun walked in. He saw that the man was aiming for behind the counter and ran for his life. 

Suddenly, the restaurant security guard sprung into action, spotting the shooter and aiming for him. He shot the intruder in the leg four times, but it didn't stop the would-be robber from pursuing action behind the restaurant counter.

The gunman, without realizing he'd been shot, attempted to get away in a vehicle where paramedics determined he was struck in a major artery. They attempted CPR, but it was too late. 

The guard was quite shaken up, but no one else was injured.

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