This might become a new pastime on Houston's Morning News.....stump Jimmy. It was a story about Michigan and so native Michigander Jimmy first was able to help with the pronunciation of Macomb Township. But here was the question: what's 100 feet long, 11 feet wide, 6 feet tall and stuck in a Michigan sewer system?

Stump the Jimmy, and Shara too. Have you ever heard of a "fatberg"? Fatberg.....sort of like iceberg? It's a big wad of grease, with who knows what else embedded.....clogging a major sewer line in Macomb Township. Not just a simple roto-rooter job to unclog either. It’s going to cost millions… removing all the grease and baby wipes poured down those drains. Fatbergs….Maybe one day coming soon to a town near you?

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