In Five Years the number of Craft Breweries in Houston quadrupled

It's mainly due to changes in the law, but Millennials demand for something other than Budweiser is a big factor.

Charles Vallhonrat is executive director of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. He says Millennials like the constantly changing world of craft beer.

"They love the choice that craft beer offers, right? Because craft beer tends to shift through new products and styles rather quickly."

But Vallhonrat says craft beer appeals to beer drinkers of all ages because it offers so many different tastes.

"And then they try something maybe like a stout or a witbier or a hefeweizen and they've never had anything like that before and they become fans."

Vallhonrat says Texas trails the nation in the number of craft breweries per capita, but that's just because of our large population.  

"Our absolute number for economic impact for craft beer is third in the nation; I think, as far as the absolute number of breweries in the nation, we rank around seven or eight."

Vallhonrat says a law change in 2013, allowing craft breweries to sell beer directly to customers, is a large part of the reason why Houston has four times as many craft breweries than five years ago.

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