You may never have a better Chance to find a Job

Unemployment is about as low as it gets, or is it? Some think the nearly perfect unemployment rate of 3.9% could dip as low as 3.5% -- which would be the lowest in fifty years. Experts say the Houston job market is strong.

Economist Parker Harvey is with Workforce Solutions.

"Right now is probably the best time to find a job in Houston that we've had in three years or so."

Harvey says it's not just low paying service sector jobs; he says employers in just about every category are hiring.

"Construction, obviously, if you have the kind of skills that are needed out there, there's still quite a bit of repair work going on; it's been a year since Hurricane Harvey and there's still a lot going on here and so that's where we've been seeing a lot of job growth."

Harvey says just about all Houston job sectors are doing well.

"Right now it's actually pretty broad-based; there's only one part of our job market here that's not adding jobs at the moment and that's information, telecom and publishing; otherwise the opportunities are pretty broad."

The national unemployment rate is 3.9% and if it dips to 3.7% that'll be the lowest since Woodstock, nearly 50 years ago.

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