POLL: Aldrin Blasts Moon Landing Movie

Legendary astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin is chiming in on the controversy surrounding the movie "First Man", about the historic 1969 Apollo-11 mission to the moon.  He's blasting the film's director for deciding not to show the planting of the American flag.  The 88-year old Aldrin - the second man on the moon - is posting historical photos from the mission along with the hashtag "Proud to be an American."

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling - who plays Neil Armstrong in "First Man" - defended the decision, claiming the moon landing "transcended countries and borders."

But other critics - like Florida Senator Marco Rubio tweeted, “The American people paid for that mission, on rockets built by Americans, with American technology & carrying American astronauts. It wasn’t a UN mission.”  Rubio is mocking the omission,  saying it ignores historical reality.

"First Man" is scheduled to hit theatres next month.

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