Depending on what You do, You might be paid more in 2019

A survey of U.S. companies finds workers can expect slightly larger raises next year -- and that's just in time for a survey that found a majority of Houston workers think they're underpaid. Meanwhile, 2019 pay raises for civilian federal government workers have been cancelled.

Andy Challenger with outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas says fortune favors the brave.

"Particularly, employees that are willing to change jobs and move to new companies; they should expect to see some wage increases."

How much of an increase? Challenger says it'll be good news for most of us.

"There's expectations that wages are going to rise just above 3% in 2019 and that should be a good, positive force for workers in this country."

Challenger says at 3.9% unemployment, cities like Houston actually have a labor shortage.

"In a lot of major metro areas, including Houston, we're starting to see what some economists would consider a labor shortage, where companies are really fighting to retain and attract employees."

Census figures show half of Houston workers make more than $47,000 or more per year and half make less.

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