Texas may have sparked what could be a national school safety idea

The state of Texas may have started something when it comes to school safety, and that something might very well wind up helping the rest of the country.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is considering letting school districts use federal dollars to arm teachers and keep kids safe. Harrold ISD Superintendent David Thweatt tells KTRH this is a positive.

“If you list security as an era you can fund with money from Washington that would be good,” Thweatt stated.

Thweatt, whose district uses the Guardian plan to arm teachers, says this would free up other money.

“It’s going to be utilized for the classroom when it comes to educational enrichment,” Thweatt said.

This all started after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida earlier this year. Texas school officials asked Washington if they could use grant funding to arm teachers.

“They can use the funds to ensure that they are providing services and to make sure they have safe and healthy students on campus,” DeEtta Culbertson, with the Texas Education Agency, explained, adding that this was not a formal request; that the TEA was just looking for clarification.

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