Science changes, sensationalism happens and food fads come and go

Remember when eggs were evil and now they're not? Or coffee was bad and now it's good?

The latest food trend is that “coconut oil is pure poison”.

When it comes to what's good for you—why is something healthy and everybody is jumping on board one day, and the next day the same item will kill you?

Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital registered dietitian Kristi King said sensationalism is a contributing factor for food fads.

“We fall for the grabbing news headlines and I don’t think that we’re necessarily always looking at the science,” said King.

She said we can't jump to conclusions and even though the science sometimes changes, we have to trust it.

“Look beyond what’s written. Don’t get swept away by the frenzy, so use common sense and really do the investigating,” said King.

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