ESPN: Not our job to cover politics

It’s been a common complaint from sports fans that ESPN, the ‘Worldwide Leader’ in sports, is too political. However, the network might be trying to change that.

The new network president has said it's not ESPN's job to cover politics. They've reverted to a more traditional format on SportsCenter than the 'debate' format that didn't go over well because of the political emphasis. Breitbart Sports columnist Warner Todd Huston tells KTRH this is about money, and sagging ratings.

“They’ve lost something like 15 million subscribers over the last seven or eight years. That’s a lot of loss,” Huston said.

That said, he's not sure ESPN will completely get away from politics.

“I do think they want to change the culture away from politics. However, when one of their main personalities do launch into politics I still doubt they will do very much about it,” Huston explained.

And that is likely to happen, especially with the NFL's national anthem protest becoming a bigger part of President Trump's agenda on Twitter and at political rallies.


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