Media tries to steal credit from Trump and rewrite history

The mainstream media has found another way to get under President Trump’s skin. Besides the daily attacks, it seems as if the mainstream media has begun stealing from him, too.

And by stealing, we are talking about stealing credit from him. For instance, did you know that the President that's responsible for our booming economy right now is Obama and not Trump? The mainstream media is trying to rewrite history.

“It’s doing really well, and they have to try to paint as if Trump is just continuing with the Obama economy,” Dan Gainor at the Media Research Center explained to KTRH News.

Gainor says the numbers prove conclusively that we didn't see the kind of economic growth under Obama that we have seen under Trump. But facts are something the mainstream media doesn't really care about today. How bad is this on a scale of 1 to 10?

“Most of what they do is around 112. This is not one of the worst offenses, but it is one of the most outlandish offenses,” Gainor stated.

 And Gainor says if this President found a cure for cancer, the mainstream media would find a way to credit someone else.

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