Survey: Austin best place to retire in Texas

If you're looking to retire, Florida and Arizona remain the top destinations to spend your golden years.

Houston ranked near the middle of 180 U.S. cities based on affordability, access to health care and other factors, according to WalletHub. The Bayou City ranked 92nd, followed by Garland at 93.

“There's no income tax in Texas which certainly helps things,” says Jill Gonzalez, analyst for WalletHub. “Cost of living is a lot less as well. Tax friendliness in terms of estate and inheritance taxes, and pensions.”

Austin was the highest ranked Texas city at number 8, based mainly on activities for the elderly and access to health care.

“Golf courses, book clubs, things of that nature for the elderly,” says Gonzalez. “The elder-friendly labor market, more gerontologists, family and general physicians per capita.”

Grand Prairie ranked 33rd, followed by San Antonio at 35. Dallas came in at 46; Laredo 62; Plano 65; Fort Worth 71; Amarillo 73; and El Paso 80.

Retirees should steer clear of places like New Jersey and California.

“California doesn't do well when it comes to affordability, pretty high tax state and it does also tax pensions,” says Gonzalez. “Also when it comes to just quality of life and health care.”

 Orlando, Scottsdale, Tampa, Denver and Fort Lauderdale topped the list as best places to retire.

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